A conversation with my heart

She stopped beating and

Whispered in my ears, “its him”

  “for whom I had been alive”

 I shushed her, hid beneath my skin

“coward don’t stop me from loving”

  I ran away clutching her in my hand

  Only to realize she had already left me

 To be a part of his journey.



letting her go

                    Waves were lapping at our feet,

                     teasing my little one for a retreat.

                     She looks into my eyes,

                     Let me go, see the world that lies

                     beyond this horizon where the sun dips,

                     to feel and see what sinks,

                     But I held her tight with fear

                     And not let the world near.

                    Her curious small almond eyes

                    looked at me to let go

                    and I did it with a quivering smile.

what’s the rush?

            What’s the rush?

            Stop! Wait, look and listen,

            Break the shackles of this prison,

            Life is passing by

            What’s the rush?

           Take a moment to breathe,

           Savour the scent of life replete,

           Before life passes by

           What’s the rush?

            Hear her call you!

           Why is she so blue?

           A melancholic sight indeed

           Cause she just passed by.

for a nap

Holding his swaddled little body

brought the cherub face close to my bosom,

giving the sweet nectar of life from my pap

I yearned for a peaceful nap.

With heavy, sleep laden eyes,

sore nipples and crampy thighs,

unkempt hair, a frizzy sight,

I yearned for a nap at night.

And when I thought the angelic face,

had enough of my heavy breast,

the devil wailed, pulling me from my rest,

and all I yearned was, for a nap from the fest.