A drop of wetness chilled my lips,

A dew of joy engulfed my soul,

I knew not the time or the world,

As I lay in a dream of reverberating dance

My heart pirouetted in the river of love.


Never …..

Nevertheless I walked on

Never looking back at the bygone

No shame or fame can hold me back

Never a word of insult can put me down

Never the less, I looked beyond the grail

Never turning back for the lost sail.

without you…..

It’s a mundane existence

Without you beside my love

Time rolls its wheels churning the life

Minutes drag by burning my soul

Sustaining my breath, I wait by the door

Perception deceives me when I see a silhouette

It’s just a mirage that glides by

The hours sumptuously devour my patience

As the days crawls into weeks

I stand by the door for a glimpse

For a hug, for a kiss, battling with

Life devouring time that grinds its

Sinister teeth,

As the minutes crawls all over me

 I stand by the door hungered by your love.


Basic needs of life

Eager to traverse far off the limits to reach the horizon

Only to see the sky doesn’t meet the sea in the ethereal liaison.—-ambition.


Those traumatic pains may have bruised you all along

But they are the medication to make you strong.—-encouragement.


It is not in me to tell you the knots of life

Know to believe and push the boundary

or else, knots will be all that you know.—–determination.


Believe those words that echo in your head

Believe that image that you see in the mirror

Believe that heart that says, ‘you have it in you’

Believe that soul that pushes you to go.——faith.