A woman is…..

A woman is…..

Who rises above the rising water

Never takes anything with a shrug

Her every breath pushes her to strive for more

It is not her hands that wades when drowning

but her undaunted spirit that carries her through the flood

And a resilient heart that helps her to rise above the rising water.

without you…..

It’s a mundane existence

Without you beside my love

Time rolls its wheels churning the life

Minutes drag by burning my soul

Sustaining my breath, I wait by the door

Perception deceives me when I see a silhouette

It’s just a mirage that glides by

The hours sumptuously devour my patience

As the days crawls into weeks

I stand by the door for a glimpse

For a hug, for a kiss, battling with

Life devouring time that grinds its

Sinister teeth,

As the minutes crawls all over me

 I stand by the door hungered by your love.