A part of me…


My heart filled with boundless joys and qualms,

When I first cradled you in my arms,

The cherubic face, fingers and tiny toes,

I had yearned for long to see those.

All those prayers invoking the heavenly abode,

Finally heard and on me, a blessing they bestowed.

To nurture, care and to love you as a mother

and embark upon a journey together.

But when you stand on the shores to face the world beyond,

with arduous obstacles and wavering mind to respond,

Remember my son, be strong, for you were born from a woman

resilient at the core, undeterred move on, for you have in you 

a part of me to summon.


Author: Meera

penning my thoughts, sharing my experiences and having fun finding hilarious moments in life.

5 thoughts on “A part of me…”

  1. Unfalteringly exalted will he be;
    Yet it shall be the one borne as the incarnate of the goddesses, whose pinnacles, you shouldn’t ever be missing to foresee..
    Hints, this silent feminist in me!

    Liked by 1 person

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