Inhaling the fresh scent of the sweet mud

Under the brightly shining radiance of the sun,

I crawled near a luscious green leaf,

A weird sensation of freedom

Enamoured  my soul,

A sudden rush of ecstasy on my shoulders,

I shook, I fluttered,

Only to find a scintillating melange of hue,

Endowed by the nature resting upon my shoulders,

I spread my gossamer like wings,

The rays of the sun shone through it,

With a puffed pride I took off to a new world,

Breaking the cocoon of silence

To discover myself,

from chains to reign, I knew life……

What’s life?

Life……………a big sigh!

Meandering through the lanes 

Of memories high,

Facing the boulders of challenge

Traversing through the forest of time

Crossing the deep ravines to take a plunge


Life…………..a big lie?

Trust and love deceives hope

She hangs her soul from a rope

A fragile little life in

the world,  devoid of heart 

I cling on to you for my soul

You are just a beat away 

But my blind eyes fail  to see you.


Life……..filled with rue-

Of those missed buses

And hushed kisses,

For every opportunity that knocked once,

 for the road not taken and,

For the love that I cared a tuppence.


without you…..

It’s a mundane existence

Without you beside my love

Time rolls its wheels churning the life

Minutes drag by burning my soul

Sustaining my breath, I wait by the door

Perception deceives me when I see a silhouette

It’s just a mirage that glides by

The hours sumptuously devour my patience

As the days crawls into weeks

I stand by the door for a glimpse

For a hug, for a kiss, battling with

Life devouring time that grinds its

Sinister teeth,

As the minutes crawls all over me

 I stand by the door hungered by your love.